J2L Seguros in Coronado has informed us they has added new coverage to Fire (structure) and Multirisk (content) policies, this new coverage is "leakage coverage". Leakage coverage is important in Panama.

Panama is gearing up to Party from February 25th until the 28th for Carnival, with government and municipal offices closed Monday February 27th.

If you are not a fan of diving in the city, but looking to take in some Jazz this Saturday January 14th at the Panama City Jazz Festival take Metro Bus!

President Juan Carlos Varela has signed a decree calling for the country's public offices to close at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, November 2, the Day of the Dead. According to Executive Decree 296 signed October 24, 2016, the measure shall apply to both national and municipal government offices.

Law 70 aims to protect against mistreatment, neglect, and acts of cruelty against domestic animals in Panama. You can help uphold this important law, and protect animals in Panama by reporting animal abuse.

Panama’s authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) has just launched a nation wide campaign publicizing senior discounts, referred to in Panama as the “Jubilado discount”. By law, these discounts are available to all Panamanians and foreign residents living in Panama over the age of 55 for females and 60 for males.

Think you may have a Panapass fine? Find out, using Panama’s transit website http://www.transito.gob.pa/servicios-en-linea. Select ‘Servicios en Linea’ ( "Online Services") and press the  “infracciones electrónicas” ("electronic breaches”). The system will provide the option to checking infractions based on the  plate of the vehicle. 

A study done by Coptroller General shows that car sales in Panama have grown by 7.3% from the first half of 2016 to the second half of the year. The figures, that show between January and June 33,164 vehicles were sold, are based on data provided by the Panama Automobile Dealers Association.

Panama can be hard on swimwear. From the constant sun and strong pool chemicals to the salt, sand and lotions, you will need to wash and dry swimwear in an effective way if it is going to last. Here are some ways to make you suit last more than a season in the tropics: 

When buying new clothes in Panama, or anywhere else in the world for that matter it is a good idea to wash before wearing. There are a couple compelling reasons why:

Today, Monday May 9 at 2:00 p.m. the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists will release the identities of at least 625 Canadians from the Panama Papers.

Is your windshield stained with a film that prevents you to see properly especially when looking at direct sunlight?  This film appears after years of storing your car in direct sunlight as many of us do here in Panama.

Currently Canadians who have lived abroad for more than five years are currently not able to vote in federal elections. However Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, renewed hope that these Canadians living abroad may be able vote in future elections.

In last month’s article, I explained how US taxpayers face horrendous fines for failing to accurately report foreign financial assets on the annual 1040 tax return using form 8938. The fines range from 50%-125% of the asset value every year not accurately reported. This is very serious stuff.

The National Highway Company of Panama ENA, has announced problems that there are problems occurring in the computer platform used to recharge the Panapass, that allows access to both the North and South Corridors in Panama City.

Financial Shock Waves
In case you missed it, the RG Hotels Bankruptcy case has caused shock waves throughout the Panama financial community. A  Coclé judge backdated the bankruptcy of RG Hotels to July 31, 2012.

With January comes the beginning of Panama’s National Fairs! Each year, districts throughout the country of Panama offer a variety of fairs and festivities bringing tourists, both national and international, to discover traditions and customs unique to each region.

 Find the full list for 2016 National Fairs in Panama below.

By Clinton Donnelly
Twice this past month, clients have lamented to me about the ordeal of sending money to Panama to buy an apartment. “It’s MY money”, they say. “Why can’t I send it?” Unwittingly, they are entangled in the international laws that bind nations together.

In 2007, Kent Davis of Panama Equity published an essay called This document was downloaded by more than 14,000 people. alled Blood On The Streets: Everything That's Wrong With Panama Real Estate Agents And Why I'm One Of Them.

By: Jungle Jim
Exotic HIBISCUS, the culinary delight of hummingbirds and butterflies, are vigorous growers that produce many huge and vividly colored flowers. It takes regular feeding to provide the building blocks for all this growth and color pigmentation.

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