Law 70 fights against animal cruelty

Law 70 aims to protect against mistreatment, neglect, and acts of cruelty against domestic animals in Panama. You can help uphold this important law, and protect animals in Panama by reporting animal abuse.

Report cases of animal abuse or neglect by calling 3-1-1 or, by contacting the municipality of Chame at (507) 240 - 6041, or the municipality in which the crime is being committed.

Domestic animals are not only pets, all species that live with or coexist with humans, whether as pets, for work, for show, sport or farm production, are protected under law 70. These animals are all protected against acts of cruelty and inhumane actions that create pain or suffering. 

As the owner of an animal these are your responsibilities:

1) Provide access to food and drinking water
2) Collect feces when defecating in public or private land
3) When the animal is tied for safety reasons, keep the chain or rope at a safe distance that allows it to move, access its food and water supply, rest and defecate without having direct contact with stool.
4) Keep visible and up to date veterinary control or vaccination records. 5) Hygienically dispose of the body of the animal when it dies. 6) Dogs and cats must be identified with tags or distinctive elements which include the animal's name and telephone number of the owner.

The law also creates standards for hatcheries, sites intended for animal breeding must meet certain standards, listening overcrowding that threatens the health of animals. Furthermore, the law requires that Euthanasia when required, is preformed by a qualified and licensed vet. 

Experimentation or testing on any animals for commercial or cosmetics is prohibited.

The sale of domestic animals is not be allowed on public roads or highways.

Dog fighting, racing between animals and bullfights are prohibited. The exceptions to this are cock fights, horse racing, equestrian sports, and other animal competitions regulated by special laws.

Circuses that use animals of any species that engage in acts of cruelty against them, may be suspended. In such cases, protective measures will be adopted for the affected animal. Death or serious injury caused by acts of cruelty to an animal considered a pet is punishable by law.

The following acts are considered animal cruelty in Panama and should be reported immediately:

1. Practice or the encouragement of acts of zoophilia.
3. Abandonment of a domestic animal. 4. Not providing food or water for a pet or domestic animal or providing less than the required amount or either. 5. Keeping a pet or domestic animal, intentionally or negligently, under inadequate sanitary-hygienic conditions
6. Failure to provide veterinary medical treatment if necessary
7. Failure to provide shelter against weather. 8. Keeping pets or domestic animals in inadequate cages by species and size.