Thinking about relocating to Coronado Panama? Read this first.

The first thing to know about relocating anywhere is that it’s not something to jump into. I highly recommend a trial of 6 months to a year before starting the relocation process.

By visiting before you move you can determine things like the cost of living in Panama. It is important to realize that determining cost of living in Panama varies person to person. It largely depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you want a North America style house (new appliances, inverter AC units, private pool, etc.) you’re going to pay more. However, there are a few tips to saving on housing in Panama. 

If you have the flexibility to visit Panama in the off-season (April - November) you can rent a place for less. For example a one bedroom condo could be secured for as low as $900 USD where as a 4 bedroom house on the beach could run you about $3000, it all depends on your needs. 

That’s not say there are no deals during high season. A few ways you can save are by, living in someone’s casita (a guest house in behind a large house), taking on a house-sitting opportunity or signing a one year rental agreement to negotiate a lower price. 

The same can be said for food. If you’re going to eat the same cereal as you did back in North America, it’s going to cost you more than back home to buy it here. However, things like eggs, a whole chicken, rice and beans are price controlled. Fresh fruit from the local fruit truck is abundant and cheap. 

 Whatever you choose to do during your trial, be realistic about your expectations and what you really want. That way, when you do move, all you stuff, the kids or pets (if you have them) and buy a home and a car, it’s all worth it!.  

This article was written by Coronado Panama Relocation. We stand by our commitment to the community to provide honest guidance, with a no-fluff approach to information. Tell us your story, we’ll connect with the best resources we have to get you, your family, your pet(s) or your business on their way to Panama.

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