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  • PLAYA Coronado Relocation

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    PLAYA Coronado Relocation
    Coronado, Panama, Las Lajas, Chame, Panamá Oeste
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    Are you thinking about relocating to PLAYA Coronado?

    Here’s how we can help:

    - We can connect you with hundreds of articles to give you more information about Coronado, Panama.
    - We can help you decide whether or not to import your vehicle or source a new or vehicle for you in Panama.
    - We can provide a list of lawyers that can help with Visas and immigration.
    - We can provide a list of insurance brokers who specialize in expat insurance policies.
    - We can help you find a rental property or purchase a home in the neighbourhood.
    - We can provide a list of International schools in the community.
    - We can give you tour of Coronado, Panama before your arrive.
    - We can answer any specific questions you may have.

    Coronado Panama Relocation is supported by Playa Community. Which means, we stand by our commitment to the community to provide honest guidance, with a no-fluff approach to information.

    email and let us know your relocation story, we’ll connect with the best resources we have to get you, your family, your pet(s) or your business on their way to Panama!