2024 Carnival in Panama

Celebrating Carnival in Panama? Here is your guide to Carnival 2024 in Panama. This year is sure to be a huge celebration as, the the last two carnival parades in Panama were suspended.

The 2024 carnivals in Panama begin on Saturday the 10th and end on Tuesday, February 13, just one day before Valentine’s Day, which will also fall on Wednesday. 

Carnival is one of the most anticipated holidays in Panama, bringing hundreds of foreigners to celebrate, not only in the Azuero region. Nationwide, Panama become lively with music, parades and tradition. It is also a time many families get together and head to the beach to enjoy the end of the summer holidays. 

In 2024 the festival aims to reactivate the economy of the towns in the interior of the country. 

Here are the dates for Carnival 2024 in Panama:

Friday February 9 - Not actually Carnival but the roads will be busy as people will be moving to their destinations 

Saturday February 10 - First day of Carnival 

Sunday February 11 - Carnival 

Monday February 12 - Carnival 

Tuesday February 13 - Carnival 

Wednesday February 14 - Ash Wednesday (The end of Carnival) 

Where to celebrate Carnival 2024 in Panama

Las Tablas in Los Santos is the most popular places to celebrate Carnival in Panama.

That being said, more and more people, are choosing less crowded locations. This year, Carnival is expected to bring more tourist to rivers and beaches in Panama West during the holidays, and smaller towns surrounding Las Tablas are sure to be lively as well! 

Each year more and more media sources publish articles on "Alternative places for Carnival" in Panama highlighting beaches in Panama West like Coronado, Punta Chame and El Palmar. 

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What to expect if you are celebrating Carnival in Panama 2024

Carnival is a long standing tradition in Panama, dating back to colonial times. Some of the traditions that still exist today include the battling queens, parades and of course the water trucks. If you are visiting a small town to see the parade, be prepared to get wet! 

Locally you can visit the towns of Bejuco, Capira and Chame. These towns are known for having parades, and water trucks offering a smaller version of a traditional Panamanian Carnival. 

Penonome is also known for having a unique parade, where the floats literally float, down the river. Penonome is a great place to celebrate Carnival in 2024 as it offers a taste of Carnival in Panama, but in a much calmer way than Las Tables. It’s also a bit more family friendly. 

If you are celebrating in Panama City this year the Cinta Costera is expected to bring a huge crowd with an impressive stage and musical line up. 

Finally in the meca of Carnival, Las Tablas, has already begun the preperations. Wednesday Feb 7th Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo de Las Tablas, began the preliminary traditions for the events. 

Carnival in Las Tablas Panama 2024 is expected to be a huge party, with vibrant and colorful celebrations. 

If you’re planning to attend Carnival in Las Tablas be prepared to immerse yourself in the colorful parades, dancing and music.