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  • Heat Recovery Unit / Free Hot Water System

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    Playa Corondo, Las Lajas, Chame, Panamá Oeste  Heat Recovery Unit / Free Hot Water System

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    You trust your A/C to cool your house... now trust it to heat your water for free! Right now you’re paying the electric company to run your air conditioner to take heat out of your house and dump it in your yard.

    While, at the same time, you’re paying the electric or gas company to make hot water for your shower, dishwasher, laundry, etc... Don’t pay twice! The AQUEFIER® Heat Recovery Unit captures waste heat discharged from an Air Conditioning or Heat Pump system, and transfers that heat into a water heater tank, thereby creating low cost hot water for domestic use.

    Cut Cooling Cost up to 15%
    Cut Water Heating Cost 50% or more

    These units retail sale price are over 535.00. I have one left which is a demo unit offered at $149.00