Happy Earth Day from Coronado Panama

Want to celebrate Earth day 2021 in Coronado Panama? Join Playa Community & friends at 5:00 p.m. at Playa Serena, Coronado for a beach cleanup! If you are not in Panama, join us, from wherever you are

Living in a coastal community, you might have seen the impacts that small initiatives like a local beach or river clean-up can have. It is so important we keep these initiatives going, or reactivate them as Panama’s beaches and rivers reopen. 

3 ways to celebrate Earth Day every day 

1. Change your diet 

This is a controversial one, especially if you just watched Seaspiary (or Conspirasea) whichever you prefer.

I’m not going to tell you to stop eating fish, but I do think by being conscious of what we consume (including food) we can make an impact!

Whatever choice you make, make it an informed one that works for you and your needs. Also, I think that is important to note, what is the sustainable choice for you might not be the sustainable choice for someone else, so have some empathy when speculating why others make the choices they do! 

Eating sustainable Seafood in Panama 

- Try to buy fish from local fishermen who follow the rules on fishing bans that help protect species during spawning. A good way to do this is to buy from a local fish market, where fishermen are usually part of a Co-op. 

- Follow @ARAP for information on endangered species and fishing bans. For example from February until Mid April Panama was under a Shrimp fishing ban, so it was a good time to avoid eating shrimp caught in the ocean as it was probably caught illegally.  

Eating Local in Panama 

- You can reduce your carbon footprint by eating local fruits and vegetables when they are in season. For example, right now (April - June) it’s Mango season in Panama. Now is a great time to fill up on this sweet tropical treat! The more locally produced items you can include in your diet and lifestyle the less energy is spent getting these items to you. 

Vegetarian food in Panama 
Is it feasible to be a vegetarian in Panama? Totally! If you are dedicated to it. While there may be fewer menu options when eating out as a vegetarian in Panama, there are so many local vegetables and legumes to choose from in Panama you can 100% eat healthily as a vegetarian in Panama.

Or, try eating meatless for a day, two days, or a week!

Did you know if everyone just skipped eating meat for one day in the U.S. the country would save 100 billion gallons of water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide? Imagine the impact you could have.

Again, it’s important to note, this isn’t a change for everyone, for some, it isn’t an option, but for those who can make the change, why not? (Source: HuffPost)

2. Compost your food waste in Panama 

Did you know between 20% - 30% of all landfill garbage is food waste? Composting food waste reduces greenhouse gasses and creates nutrient-rich soil for gardening at the same time! (Source: HuffPost). 

I honestly, think more like 50% of my waste is food scaps in Panama because we eat so many fresh local fruits and vegetables here. One way we’ve been able to reduce this waste is by feeding our chickens with the scaps. We also feed our dog the parts of fish we catch that we do not eat like the head and tail. 

Of course not all dogs are on a raw diet, and not every yard equipped for chickens, but a small compost is a practical option for most. Here is a diy compost tutorial that will help keep the bugs out. 

3. Recycle in Coronado Panama 

There are two main options for recycling in Coronado Panama they are Riba Smith in Coronado and Reciclaje Gorgona. Recycling in Coronado takes some commitment, you need to wash, sort, and deliver. If you can avoid buying single-use plastic, to begin with. Riba Smith now offers a wide variety of fruits unwrapped and veggies in paper trays instead of plastic. 

Here is an article with details on recycling options in Coronado, Panama, and the surrounding beach communities.

Recycling at the beach: Coronado, Panama Recycling
* One up-date is that Riba Smith no longer accepts glass.

Currently, there is not an option for recycling pickup like there is for trash in Coronado, Panama.