Recycling at the Beach

Living in a beautiful country like Panama, it is easy to forget that our garbage ends up in overflowing landfills much like it does in the rest of the world. The world is slowly learning and relearning that garbage takes up lots of land space, and that over time harmful chemicals are released into our soil, air and water.   Recycling has only recently begun to gain momentum in Panama. This year several campaigns have been launched to inform people that many items which are tossed can be reused. By making an effort to recycle we can reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown out, which eventually ends up in the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink and in oceans we swim in.

Paper, glass, plastics, metal, aluminum, copper, tetrapaks, computers and batteries can all be recycled right here in the Playa Communities. There are two Recimentas (recycling centers) that accept all recyclables expect organic waste. These centers will pay you for your separated recycled goods. One is located in Gorgona across the street from the main entrance to the town. The other is in Rio Hato near the Rio Hato Market.

Reba Smith will also accept recycling. The supermarket has joined forces with ANCON and TVN in a national campaign to support recycling across Panama. Reba Smith, located in the Las Pergolas plaza, has color-coded bins on the side of the building. Paper, glass, plastic aluminum and tetrapaks can be deposited.

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