Help Fund the “Water Guardians” project

Help us fund the water guardians, an important water monitoring program in Panama that will arm schools in remote areas of Panama to identify water problems and find solutions.

Conservación Panamá Inc in cooperation with Public Schools in Panama has created an opportunity for hands-on education for public school students in rural communities to discover the problem with their water and find solutions to fight water-borne illnesses in their communities. 

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In this program, 5th-grade students will sample, test, analyzes, and map the Coclé del Norte & San Juan de Turbé rivers to identify the pollutants and create solutions.

In the next 21-days if you contribute even $1 to this program you can help accelerate the donations towards the cause. Since Conservación Panamá is participating in a “grant challenge” via Right now, they have the opportunity to receive grant funds equivalent to the number of collaborators and supporters they can gain in the next 21 days. Click here to donate to the cause via 

This means even $1, $5 or $10 of funding can earn them up to $10,000 towards their goal since the amount they receive for the grant challenge is based on the number of contributions, not the amount, anything and everything really counts right now! So please share this with anyone who can donate even just $1.00. 

Why the Water Guardians program is so important 

Waterborne illness is a serious medical problem in remote communities throughout Panama which leads to hospitalization, chronic illness, and even death. The absence of any type of infrastructure (roads, plumbing, clean water, electricity and etc.) exacerbates an already tenuous situation. Additionally, the government is largely absent in these same communities or unable to complete the necessary investigations to discover the sources of waterborne illness to contribute towards a solution. 

Public schools along the Rios Coclé del Norte & San Juan de Turbe do not have access to contemporary scientific equipment. Additionally, the absence of hands-on experience in science in public schools disallows a general culture and understanding of science "as a tool" and how it can solve our problems.

Conservación Panamá Inc created Water Guardians, in order to work with public schools. They provide hands-on applied science activities in school that supplement the national curriculum in science while also searching for the solution to waterborne illness and contamination in these same communities.

Students are given an opportunity to learn concepts in ecology and conservation while answering our primary question: "is our water safe to drink?"

Help them find out. Please donate here.