2019 CASA Christmas Food baskets

Each year The Coronado Area Social Association is involved with a charitable event that takes place on Kings Day (January 6th).

The event aims to offer families in need with disabled children a practical gift during the holiday season. This event has taken place for over a decade in the beach community, however with the passing of Senora Maribel Gonzales, the host of the event, CASA was not sure if the event would continue in 2020. 

Each year Sra. Gonzales welcomed over eighty families with special needs children into her home on kings day to eat, and receive gifts donated by the community. CASA has taken pride in provides a food basket for each family over the years containing dry foods such as flour, sugar, pasta, beans and other canned items. Fundraising for the event usually begins as early as September. 

However this year, not expecting to be able to have this event, CASA is starting a bit late. With the news that the Gonzales family would host the event in memory of Senora Maribel CASA is working diligently to fundraise for the baskets with little time left as some of their benefactors had already committed to other projects.

This year the goal is 85 baskets. Each at a cost of about $25.00. 

Mail Boxes Etc. will be donating the bags, as in years past, which will be filled with non-perishable goods. 

Sardines in Sauce - 15 oz, Premier Rice - 5 lbs, black beans - 14 oz, red kidney beans - 1 lb, lentils - 1 lb,    

split peas - 1 lb, macaroni - 1 lb, spaghetti - 1lb, mayonaise - 350gr, flour - 1lb, white sugar - 1 lb, tomato

paste - 70 gr, tomato sauce - 210 gr, powder drink env., vegetable oil - 750 ml, body soap - 1 bar, canned ham - 1 tin.

CASA is accepting donations to meet their goal of $2,125. Any amount you can donate helps. To see their previous events visit the facebook page CASAPanama - Photo album Kings Day 2019.

How to donate

1) donate at the CASA  Wine and Cheese (November 14) 

2) Email Louise of CASA directly - casa2008p@gmail.com to organize 

3) By Bank transfer to Louise Belisle | Global Bank
Savings account # 05 332 00687 9  Ref: Your email