Reusable Bag Redistribution

One major item that litters towns, beaches and rivers is the light weight plastic bag. Due to the negative impact plastic has on the environment, individuals, businesses and governments are starting to “say no to plastic bags”. Karyn Saunders is working to reduce the effects that plastic bags are having in the district of Chame through “Reusable Bag Redistribution”. The idea is simple. If you have an extra reusable bag(s), donate to the cause.

Bags collected are distributed in the community and will help reduce the need for single use plastic bags. Over 150 bags have been collected so far, and 100 have been distributed. Thanks to Panama Coast International School, Coronado

 International School and many private donations. By donating, or using a recyclable bag yourself, you can help reduce the negative impact litter has on our community and wildlife. For more information or to donate a bag contact Karyn at -