Dispatches From Panama

Michael Lester, a journalist by profession, spent several months in Panama in 2011. During that time he sent out emails or as he calls them, "dispatches" to a number of close, personal friends, back in the States. Recently, he compiled these reports into an e-Book  called "Dispatches from Panama.” In it,  you will discover a lot of local color -- from the cockfights in Gorgona to the synagogue in Coronado, from a villa in San Carlos to a shoot-out on the autopista, from churches to "love hotels."  His book has a chapter on real estate, area expats are mentioned and there is even a mention of playacommunity.com.

One of the book’s reviewers says, "this is a charming, funny and insightful travel log”.

"Dispatches from Panama” by Michael Lester is available on Kindle for $2.99, and if you like his writing on Panama, you might also like some of his other works, "Dispatches from Scandinavia" and "Dispatch from Mallorca."