Panama reopens national parks

Monday October 5th 2020, Panama will begin to reopen its national parks. The reopening of ecological parks in Panama, starting with 14 sites, is an attempt to reactivate domestic tourism.

Mi Ambiente informed that facilities that will be open Monday will have established hours, specific visit sites and load capacity, after more than six months of being closed. 

In a statement, the Ministry of the Environment (My Environment) reported that a total of 14 terrestrial protected areas will be open to the public, under strict biosecurity measures.

In the province of Panama, the Soberanía National Park, Camino de Cruces National Park, Cerro Ancón Natural Reserve will open the doors.

In West Panama, the Altos de Campana National Park and Biological Reserve will be available to the public and in Colón, San Lorenzo Protected Forest and Protected Landscape.

In Herrera, the Sarigua National Park and the El Montoso Forest Reserve will be reactivated for the enjoyment of citizens.

In Coclé, the General Omar Torrijos Division National Park and the Cerro Gaital Natural Monument will be open.

In the province of Chiriquí, residents can visit La Amistad International Park and Barú Volcano National Park.

In Veraguas, the Santa Fe National Park, the Cerro Hoya National Park and the La Yeguada Forest Reserve.

According to Mi Ambiente, the reopening of protected areas will take place gradually. In this first stage one of the main activities that can be developed is hiking. The entity specified that the facilities that will be open will have established hours, specific visit sites and load capacity.

According to a report issues by the state "marine / aquatic areas are scheduled for reopening on October 14."