Death toll rises in Nicaragua

Saturday, June 2nd violence escalated in Managua and Masaya, Nicaragua, leaving at least another 8 people dead including one minor.

The country remains in a national crisis as protests continue, rejecting the current government lead by President Daniel Ortega. 

Protests have been ongoing for almost six weeks ago in the capital and other major cities. The protests are against the 11-year regime of the countries’ President, Ortega. It has been reported that since April 18 the death toll has reached 100. Nicaragua is a nation of 6.1 million people. 

The deaths are due to the demonstrations being met with deadly force from Police and paramilitary gangs. The force used has primarily been gunfire. 

The Washington Post reported, “it is clear Mr. Ortega has long since lost most of the popular support he may have once enjoyed.”

But currently, the country remains at a standstill as any proposed national dialogue has crumbled at the hands of governmental violence. 

Nicaragua’s private sector, that sees the risk of civil unrest has called on the president, his wife and the vice president, to accept “a dignified compromise”. This compromise would include early and supervised elections, however, Ortega and his VP have refused. 

The Washington Post reported that there could be a slight chance that the Lima group could influence the situation. However, the probability would be slim without “U.S. influence at a minimum under the Trump administration.”