Mi Bus negotiates contracts

Saturday December 10th Juan Carlos Varela announced that his administration has been negotiating with the company Mi Bus to provide service to the areas of Chepo, La Chorrera and Arrijan in Panama West.

Mi Bus is private transport provider. Their service would be in addition to the public transit system Metro Bus, as part of the current administration’s plan to improve and modernize public transportation throughout Panama.

Right now Diablo Rojos (modified school buses) and coaster buses still operate in  in the districts of Chepo, La Chorrera and Arraiján. According to Varela, making more roads is not the solution. Since more roads will simply mean more private vehicles.  This is not the solution to alleviate vehicular traffic, explained the president. “I prefer to work quickly on the mass transit system that includes three Metro lines and The Metro Bus, " said Varela.