Bio museum Educates Children on Conservation

As part of its commitment to aid Panama in preserving biodiversity by educating youth, the Bio museum has started 2017 with summer camps for children from 6 to 12 years old.

According to the Bio Museum Public Relations Department, the camp aims to educate new generations on Panama’s natural beauty and teach them to conserve the natural beauty of the country and the world. Through the help of guides children can play educational games that teach them inquiry about professions of archaeologists, architects and biologists. They will learn planet Earth, types of rocks, and species like birds and butterflies.

A mother who’s child attended the camp explains “these camps can change children's lives, bring them closer to nature. It is the best way to teach our children to love Panama" to the Panamanian newspaper Estrella.

If you have a child who you would like to enroll in the camp there are spots still available in January and February. For more information write to or call 830-6700.

The Biomuseum is a natural history museum, designed by architect Frank Gehry, which tells the story of how the Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea, uniting two continents, separating a large ocean in two and changing the planet's biodiversity forever. Read more about the Biomusuem here.