Panama is behind the Digital Nomad

In 2021 Panama introduced their digital nomad visa, a short-stay visa for remote workers in Panama, that grants up to an 18-month stay for anyone with an external monthly income of 3 thousand dollars

Carmen Gisela Vergara, general administrator of the Authority for the Attraction of Investments and the Promotion of Exports of Panama (ProPanam√°), told La Prensa,

"digital nomads provide a quick economic injection since they do not require any investment to settle in the country."

She added that Panama is working with a network of other countries to create incentives and establish a kind of "digital nomad circuit" for a new demographic of travelers. 

With a changing labor market, it is estimated that by 2025 more than 24 million workers will become digital nomads. (LA PRENSA)

People who opt for this lifestyle rotate their lives between 2 or 3 destinations a year as they have the flexibility to work outside their offices. 

Panama is working to become a top destination for these travelers Vergara explains in Panama is behind the Digital Nomad, in the La Prensa article: 

"These travelers demand goods and services."

Trade, logistics, and hubs

In addition to digital nomads, this year ProPanam√° will focus on attracting investments from companies that are interested in establishing supply chains to supply countries in the region.

The strategy will focus on logistics, both digital, and physical.

"The pandemic revealed deficiencies in many countries to meet their food needs and Panama has the conditions to meet those needs. This is why we are going to strengthen the agro parks law to attract investments in the primary sector," explained Vergara.