Panama’s campaign against disposable plastics

Panamanian singer-songwriter Rubén Blades, has teamed up with MarVida in a campaign to raise awareness on the need to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.

The campaign, using Blades popular song Plástica, shows people wearing reusable masks, littering, drinking with straws, and purchasing food and drinks in single-use plastic.  In the article Reuse the Plastic published on May 25th, 2021 in La Prensa MarVida communications manager in Panama, Magdalena Vásquez said:  

"We want the people to be part of the soultion [...], the ocean’s drowning in masks because of the pandemic, along with other plastic waste, like staws, gloves and plastic bottles." 

The campaign is aligned with Panama’s approval of Law 187 of December 2, 2020, which regulates the reduction and progressive replacement of single-use plastics before 2023.

Article 9 of the law calls for the "progressive replacement of single-use plastic items with products manufactured with reusable, recyclable or biodegradable materials aimed primarily at the following articles:" 

1. Plastic ear swabs

2. Plastic laundry covers

3. Disposable plastic utensils

4. Disposable plastic stirrers

5. Plastic rod that hold balloons

6. Disposable plastic containers

7. Plastic straws

8. Disposable plastic lids for cups

9. Disposable plastic packaging for products.

10. plastic candy sticks and rings 

11. Plastic egg cartons