Costal development in Puerto Armuelles

A Cinta Costera project has been approved for the town of Puerto Armuelles in the province of Chiriquí, after a public vote on December 19th 2019.

More than 500 people from the 5 corregimientos of Barú voted to approved the costal strip, making it the first time that minimum number of residents required for an official count were present. 

The project will consist of an improved beach wall with boardwalks, sidewalks and bike paths, tourist shops and information, and parks with areas to sit and parks for children to play. The entire project will be broken out into five phases covering 4km of beachfront. 

Phase 1, Parque Mirador, costing about $250,000. will start in 2020 at the Pier downtown and go into El Carmen. 

Once the Cinta Costera is completed, there are additional plans to install a Public Plaza and Artesenal Mercado which will be an additional $2 million, bringing the total for the entire project to almost $3.5 million.

Initiatives to clean up the community and specifically the beach in Puerto have begun. Including a program with SINAPROC and SENAN, distributing trash bags for residents and beach users to deposit their garbage in. On Sunday they gave out trash bags at several different beaches of Puerto Armuelles, to create awareness, asking residents and visitors to keep the beaches clean.