Panama temporarily closes the door for Cuban tourists

The National Migration Service (SNM) reported on Wednesday July 24 that Panama will temporarily suspend tourism cards for Cubans.

SNM explained, the measure is due to the "reviewing the procedures for entering Panama as a tourist to Panama."

Currently, requirements to enter Panama as a tourist include:  presentation of a complete copy of the applicant’s passport, proof of their links in their country of residence, minimum solvency of five hundred dollars, justification of the trip, proof of the place of their stay during their visit to Panama, letter of invitation (if applicable) and finally payment for the immigration service (if applicable).

The institution also informed that those citizens who have purchased a travel ticket prior to the suspension of the delivery of the tourist card, "will have the right to have our Consulate stamp them in their passports, an authorization for an entry with the presentation of the requirements that were required for the issuance of the card."