The Panama - David Train project

El Siglo recently conducted an interview with Oscar Ramírez the coordinator of the environmental impact study for the Panama-David train project to find out more about what the ambitious project.

Mr. Ramírez an engineer by profession,and the manager of Tocumen International Airport, explained that the train would help mitigate the current migration issues Panama moving both people and cargo from the countryside to the city. The Panama - David train would create a a direct and efficient connection between the capital and the provinces, however while logistically the train seems like a great idea, there are skeptics. Most who warn the project with a price tag of 140 million, might serve the Chinese, more than the Panamanian population.

In his interview Ramírez explains "we have just received the study, we will review it apart from the reviews we have done internally, we will have a panel of experts with that responsibility which will take us until April or May." When asked if he would make the final decision his response was "Nobody is going to implement an action, it is my opinion, it is not a decision for the administration, but rather the country."

Ramírez also explained that the construction of this project would take about 6 years. Before starting construction, if approved, it must be reviewed again by experts. Secondly, a feasibility study would need tobe completed to ensure the project complies with the laws of our country. That being said the Panama - David train project, if approved, will take awhile.