Metro construction update

The construction of Line 2 of the Panama Metro is reported to be at 87% done.

The project at this moment is focused in two stages. The first one points to the partial operation for the World Youth Day (JMJ) (January next year) and the second is the final delivery of the work by the end of April and the beginning of

The stations that will be operating for WYD, an event that was not contemplated before signing the contract, are those of Corredor Sur, Pedregal, San Antonio, Cinquantenario and the San Miguelito interchange (partially).

The San Miguelito station will not be complete, but under conditions that can operate partially, according to Agustín Arias, on behalf of the Panama Metro.
The other four stations that will be 100% operational  for WYD, according to the projections of the Panama Metro.

At WYD, the Panama Metro will put into operation 12 trains of the 21 that make up the Line 2 fleet. The Line 2 trains will have five wagons and will have the capacity to transfer 1,000 users.

The progress of the stations of Line 2 of the Panama Metro

Pedregal (93%)
Southern Corridor (90%)
The Mañanitas (91%)
Cinquantenario (83%)
Don Bosco (85%)
Altos de Tocumen (87%)
Hospital del Este (90%)
Courtyards and workshops (77%)

Presently testing  the functionality of train traction, brake, driving mode in high and low speed are being reviewed as well as braking device, acceleration display, braking performance and all safety devices.

It is expected that by the end of November, the trains, which are being tested, will run through the 16 stations that make up Line 2 of the Panama Metro.

The last test for the World Day, according to Arias, will be on January 15, to receive passengers no later than January 22.


The Line 2 consortium, Odebrecht-FCC, works in the placement of roofs, to which improvements were made to the design, achieving greater coverage and protection during the rainy season; armed with walkways, avenues, installation of auxiliary systems, installation of side cover, finishing of the accesses and walkways, as well as the finishing of the stations and testing of the integral systems.

On the night of Saturday, November 10, the footbridge of Villa Lucre was placed and only San Miguelito is pending. The gateways on Line 2, unlike Line 1, will be independent of it and will operate 24 hours a day.

Several works are also being carried out on the Pan-American Highway section and Domingo Díaz avenue began the restitution of the roads, which includes: drainage system, grass island, curbs, extension and replacement of lanes. There is an advance of 25%.