Comic Con Panama in October

Comic Con Panama will take place from October 25th to 28th this year at the Amador Convention Center, in Panama City.

Lovers of the seventh art,  television series, comics, fantasy  and  science fiction,  anime and  manga will be partying at  Comic Con Panama , which will take place from October 25 to 28 in the Amador Convention Center.

"We love the entertainment world. Within the team we have producers of film and events, collectors and geeks" explains Mariel García Spooner , representative of Comic Con Panama.

The idea came, says García Spooner, "when we had the opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con and Comic Con Chile.  We could see the importance that pop culture currently has on the international level, made up of cinema,  television series, , animation, video games and cosplay (dressing like the characters in pop culture) ".

"Bringing this format to Panama could be a good annual meeting point for all Central American fans to meet. Our privileged geographical position helps us so that Comic Con Panama can become a solid event that people can participate annually, "he adds.

The Isthmian team is working side by side with "Comic Con Colombia organizers Comic Con Colombia for the first time to bring this experience to Panama," says Mariel García Spooner, who personally is a fan of such films  as Star Wars Avengers and programs such as La Casa de Papel, Games of Thrones and Stranger Things.

In Central American region currently there are only two events of this nature: "Guatemala has the Expo Comic Con and Mexico has La Mole Comic Con, which is the oldest event in Latin America".

He notes that soon they will announce  the names of the actors and other members of the entertainment industry who will come to Panama in October. The organizers of this activity highlight that there will be different areas in which the viewer can enjoy various initiatives.

For example we will have a space  so that people specializing  in the industry can update information on everything that is currently happening with talks, workshops and presentations".  While in the Experience Zone fans of the geek universe "will be able to take pictures with the personas they love from their television series and favorite movies such as Game of Thrones and the Batmanvil Batman replica".  Artist Zone Alley will promote "national talent in areas such as design, animation, illustration, fantasy literature, cosplay, sharing the work of Panamanian and Central American artists who attend the event."

In the Stage Zone there will be presentations of invited artists, cinematographic advances will be offered, entertainment product launches will be made, among others. In the Meet & Greet Zone, "photos will be allowed to be taken with the characters from series and guest films," and the Commercial Zone is designed "for companies in the industry that want to sell or exhibit their products."