Death threats to journalist  for world cup comments

Santo Cano, revealed that he has received death threats, physical assault and he and his family have been targeted with insults.

Local reported and host of ’’Qué Bolas Deportes’’, from Nex  Canal 21,  and driver of the Carrusel Deportivo for Radio Panama 94.5 fm - Santo Cano, revealed that he has received death threats after questioning the coach of the National Team, Hernán ’Bolillo’ Gómez , about Panama ending up as the worst team in the world and if the team was there for that. 

The reporter annoyed ’Bolillo’ as well as a large number of Panamanian supporters who are proud that Panama faced great powers of football,  thanked them for their efforts and for giving them a great time.

Bolillo asked for respect for the national team, he said Panama was the youngest team, with the least resources.  Yes, we came in last, but that were not by far the worse teams if you were to compare the teams that came last in the last five years.