Panamanians took to the streets before the match

Before the match with England, Panamanians in Nizhny took to the streets in support of their team meeting up with the supporters of the English team.

 the night before the match between Panama and England, the English fans sang loudly as the Panamanian fans did dressed in red.

There was a cordon of police separating the English who "chanted and shouted". There were English fans everywhere,  that is when the Panamanians walked in  and started singing too.  All were  singing at the same time, then the English joined the Panamanians and sang with them"

At the end of the night the Panamanians sang the  English songs, were exchanging photos,  addresses and telephone numbers "because (the English) said they wanted to go to Panama". There were no problems or scuffles "except for some inebriated misfits that were quickly removed by the Russian police who were present at all times in the area."

This meeting reminded Panamanians of the topĆ³n that happens during carnivals among the tunas -adversarias- of Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo de Las Tablas .

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