Panama signs resolution to get aid for Venezuela

Jesús Sierra, Permanent Representative of Panama to the OAS, requested that surveillance measures be implemented to prevent the public health crisis in Venezuela from worsening.

Member states of the regional body are urged to implement measures to address the  emergency, particularly due to the reappearance of diseases such as measles, malaria and diphtheria.

Another important point that is recalled in the draft resolution is that only through national dialogue in Venezuela and with the participation of all political representatives can reconciliation be achieved.

Many governments in the region and the European Union do not recognize the  election where President Nicolás Maduro was elected on May 20th.  The Lima Group, which includes Panama, brings forth that the electoral process in Venezuela did not comply with international standards,

The Maduro government is also asked to guarantee the separation and independence of the constitutional powers and restore the full authority of the National Assembly, the rule of law and guarantees, and political freedoms for the population.

During these times, the Permanent Council of the OAS is preparing for the new general assembly of the regional organization.