Free app to recharge your metro or bus cards

Panama Metro and Metro Bus riders will have the option to make electronic reloads. The system is based on an ’app’ called Active Recharge PTY, and is free for Android devices.

The company Sonda Panama representing:  Authority of Transit and Land Transportation (ATTT), Metro of Panama, Metro Bus and Telered announced on December 6, an app that will allow users of the integrated public transport system of Panama City to recharge their cards from their mobile devices. 

Marcelo Castiglione, general director of Sonda Panama, said that this new channel of activation will provide users with convenience and speed.  

Meanwhile, the director of the ATTT, Julio González, said that initiatives and tools like these improve the public transport user experience.

The system is based on an app called Activa Recarga PTY , is free and is available now for Android devices, facilitating the activation of the electronic recharges.  Previously, users had to go to self-service terminals and activators, located in supermarkets, pharmacies and other locations.