Five things to know about the Panama-Chiriqui Train

The Government of China has confirmed its support for the construction of a rail transportation system to connect Panama city with the province of Chiriqui.

On Monday, November 20th President Juan Carlos Varela and the president of China, Xi Jinping, signed an agreement that approves the preparation of a pre-feasibility study for the train system. 

In an interview with TVN News, Varela explained that this passenger train would help connect the country. 

"We feel that when Line 3 (of the Metro) and the fourth bridge over the Canal are finished, Panama needs another megaproject and the one we have identified is the train to Chiriqui," Varela said. 

Here are five things we know about Panama‚Äôs proposed train so far: 

  1. The agreement signed between China and Panama is for the construction of a high-speed train. The proposed train would travel 160 kilometers per hour. 
  2. The project will cost more than 5 billion dollars. The construction could last up to 4 years. 
  3. Once the train is functioning, it would take two and a half hours to get to David, Chiriqui from Panama City. To travel from Panama City to Santiago the trip would be a short hour and a half ride.  
  4. This project will be financed by China with a model similar to that of Line 3 of the Metro. Line 3 of the metro is currently being financed and supported by Japan. 
  5. Between December and January 2018 the company that would be responsible for the construction of this railway system will be announced.