Panama to Certify Organic Crops

Panama is growing organic! This year, there are approximately 1,271 farmers who are cultivating about  6,396 hectares of pesticide-free products using environmentally friendly planting techniques in the country.


Currently these crops and their producers are in the process being inspected to obtain the first state of certifications required for organic crops.

While private certification companies continue to operate, The Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) had created the Authority to Control Certification of Agricultural Organic Production. This is the first government controlled authority to certify organic productions in Panama.

Fermin Romero , Director of the Authority of Control of the Organic Certification of MIDA states they are establishing legislation to require private certification companies gain approval from the new state entity to operate.

Romero states "it will be a condition that all national products, even if certified by international companies, have the seal of the national standard."

The cost of the state organic sertication is approximately $250. Currently 19
applications for certification are registered with the Authority for the Control of Certification of Agricultural Organic Production.