The New “La Posta”

by: Epicurious EmQUOTE:  “In the last couple of weeks, there was a review in the La Prensa newspaper about a new restaurant they referred to as five stars with the atmosphere of Havana 1950.  It is called La Posta.”  —Anonymous Review June 18, 2005Several months ago, the flagship restaurant of the famed Henesey-Rodriguez Group, La Posta, closed at the old location in the city and recently reopened its doors at the corner of Calle Uruguay and Calle 47.  Having been frequent diners there for over five years, we were curiously optimistic about the new venue.  Fortunately for us, we dined there shortly after they reopened and were included in a “friends and family” evening.

Walking into the La Posta of late always reminded us of what it would have been like to step into a restaurant in Old Havana during the Hemingway years.  We were happy to see that the new restaurant has retained the same ambiance with an updated elegance, on a slightly smaller scale.  The place reeks of class with décor, quality and creativity of food, along with five-star service.  In addition, we were happy to see familiar faces among the staff, especially our friend Reyes.  A complimentary glass of champagne was served as we were seated, along with three small appetizers:  stuffed mushrooms, olives, and rice balls.  The new menu reflects old favorites along with new, innovative creations.  Seven appetizers are presented in a variety of carpaccios, tartares, salads and grills.  Ingredients might include corvina, salmon, octopus, shrimp, beef, or pork, prepared with an exceptional medley of accents.  The results are delicious works of palatable art.  One of my old favorites is the corvina carpaccio:  paper-thin corvina delicately drizzled with lemon and organic olive oil, topped with arugula and avocado.

The main course selection has a gastronomic variety:  fish and seafood, pastas and risottos, steak, pork, and chicken.  It was hard for us to pass on two long-time favorites: imported boneless braised beef short ribs (accompanied by mouthwatering risotto) and corvina en papillote with white wine and baby green beans.  My spouse chose to try a new dish, “penne allarabiatta with langostinos” recommended by our server, Ricardo T.  The al dente penne was served with perfectly cooked langostinos in a light tomato-based sauce with smoked ham and the essence of maracuya.

This is truly a special occasion restaurant, with appetizers ranging from $10.50-$15.50 and entrees from $16.50-$38.  Cocktails are presented with perfection, and the wine list has a lovely selection with moderate to ostentatious pricing.  This restaurant continues to be the same icon as the La Posta of old and is certainly “the place” for Panama’s doers and shakers.

The restaurant is open for lunch Monday-Friday from 12 Noon-2:30 p.m. and for dinner Monday-Saturday from 7-10:30 p.m.  Reservations are highly recommended, telephone 269-1076.
TIP:  If you decide to introduce your significant other or friends to La Posta, and they don’t like it…DUMP ‘em!

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