Spay Panama clinic in Las Lajas

Fundacion Spay Panama is offering low-cost sterilization for those in need in Las Lajas on January 21st & 22nd 2023.

Spay Panama offers low-cost spay and neuter clinics in Panama. They have helped significantly reduce the stray population in Panama‚Äôs Pacific Beach community. The clinics also help low-income families take care of animals. The clinic takes organization, resources, and effort. Dedicated volunteers and money are needed to keep the clinics going. So if you have the ability to offer more as a donation please consider it. 

Las Lajas Spay Panama Clinic and Contact 

Jan 21 & 22 2023 Las Lajas 
WhatsApp 6426-4356
Cost: $10 cats $25 dogs $60 pure bread dogs 

- puppies must be at least 6 weeks old 
- vitamins, tick prevention, and baths. 

For more info WhatsApp 6426-4356