A trip to La Laguna from Coronado

A day trip to La Laguna is a great excursion if you are visiting Coronado Panama or the surrounding beach communities. And if you have the gear, it’s also a wonderful place to camp near Coronado.

La Laguna is actually located in the district of San Carlos, despite being accessible from the Las Lajas road. In English, it’s the Lagoon of San Carlos. The Lagoon, or small lake, is located in the foothills of Mount Picacho sitting 850 meters above sea level. The elevation offers a refreshing change from the beach offering climate. The fresh air mixed with a tranquil, safe, and equipped area makes this a great place to spend the day or night. 

At the entrance to La Laguna, you will also find the trailhead for Picacho, an intermediate hike to the summit of Picacho. If your up for a hike the views at the top are spectacular. Note that there is quite a bit of incline on this hike, if it’s rainy it can be slippery. 

La Laguna has several camping sites, with ample space to spread out and enjoy the grounds. There are bathrooms and a Fonda (local restaurant). The facilities are free for visitors, but toilet paper is offered at a cost of $0.25. So either bring your own or buy before you go!