Terra Viva a sustainable community in Coronado Panama

Upon entering Terra Viva, you might notice that the sustainable community is situated on a lush corner of the 50-year-mature Tom Fazio-designed Coronado golf, or that it has cobblestone streets.

Or perhaps you will notice the abundance of native plants and fruit trees. 

However, it’s what you may not notice, that makes this place special. 

What puts Terra Viva in a class of its own are the sustainable materials the homes are built from, like clay blocks, and the natural energy they’ve been built to harness (all homes come ready for solar power systems).
It’s the Terra Viva recycling center that will make recycling and composting accessible in Coronado. And botanical gardens and permaculture that were designed by renowned Landscape Architect Titi Hernandez of Hiedra & Bambu.

Terra Viva is a 14-acre gated community that is committed to the natural world that surrounds it. It has been thoughtfully designed to include infrastructure that safeguards access to healthy air, quality water, renewable energy, and organic food. Residents will have access to all the shared common green spaces, parks, streams, community gardens, and all the amenities of The Coronado Luxury Club & Suites. From the world-class golf course, & golf club to the private beach club, restaurants, gym, and spa. Coronado also has a wide range of amenities focused on raising the next generation, including an international school, and after-school activities like surfing, jiujitsu, and visual arts programs. 

Homeowners in Terra Viva will have the option to install solar panels and rainwater collection systems. There is also an option to use smart technology systems to power energy-efficient appliances. All electricity will run underground, creating an unobstructed view, and the feeling like you are truly in a sanctuary. 

While at first, you might not notice these details, they are what make Terra Viva unique and innovative. 

Sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Terra Viva’s goal is not only to build sustainably, but to improve the quality of life for those who live here, and those who will live here in the future.

Terra Viva is lowering the impact of development by using local sources of materials like teak grown on its land, while planting specifically selected flora which will rehabilitate and nourish the soil, welcoming more native species of birds and butterflies. Planting local plants and at least one tree of each fruit-bearing species present in Panama, Titi Hernandez is on the front lines at Terra Viva working to design the new natural landscape in balance with the one which already exists.

For I. Roberto Eisenmann III, founder, and the first homeowner in Terra Viva, the community will be a sanctuary for all native plants and animals (squirrels, iguanas, frogs, ducks, fish, and turtles) and for anyone with a love of nature. Finally, Terra Viva is a tribute, to the long line of environmentalists and activists in his family. 

By welcoming back the area’s first inhabitants Roberto’s dream is to design a community that thrives in balance with the natural world. This safe haven is just an hour from Panama City nestled in Coronado, the first beach community on Panama’s Pacific shore. 

Homes in Terra Viva are available in pre-sale starting at *$357k 

*(Price applies to Valeriana Model (157.24 m2) on lots of 401 m2 - 415 m2 during 1st Phase of Construction)