Coronado Defense Club

Coronado Defense Club was born from a passion for self-defense and martial arts. It was started when Abilio "Billo" Reyes, moved to Coronado Panama with his family just over two years ago.

Billo, the founder of Coronado Defence Club has more than 12 years of training under his belt and is ready to share his knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Krav Maga (a type of Israeli Self Defence) with you! 
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About Sensei Billo  & The Coronado Defense Club

Before moving to Coronado, Sensei Billo taught at Serpente Jiu-Jitsu in Panama City receiving his brown belt and gaining the support of one of the strongest Brazilian jiu-jitsu teams in Panama. 

Over the past two years Billo has worked one-on-one and with groups of all ages, growing his practice to include 15+ students. Today The Coronado Defence Club holds classes are held in the Coronado Luxury Club & Hotel. While the classes range from beginner level to a competitive level, everyone learns and practices similar of learning to defend oneself and overcome challenges in life and on the mat.

 BJJ and Krav Maga teach grappling, takedowns, and submissions, for the purpose of competitive sport and self-defense, but the practices are also highly effective for teaching practical life skills, like focus, problem-solving, and adaptability.

“Students will become aware that martial knowledge is a great responsibility and therefore it is only used in case of life or death, or in case of danger or to help others. The laws of Personal Defence are also reviewed and fellowship and growth as a team is encouraged,” explains Billo.

About BJJ for Kids 

Billo also spoke with us specifically about why BJJ is a great practice for kids. Learning to perform BJJ techniques can help develop a child’s fine motor skills, increasing coordination and balance, which can spill over into other sports like surfing and biking, along with tasks in everyday life.

What’s more, BJJ is extremely helpful for enhancing discipline and focus, which can translate into more success in school, relationships, and overall quality of life. Finally, classes at Coronado Defence Club will help children of all ages learn to communicate with other kids of all ages.

At Coronado Defence Club younger children share the mat with older children giving them the opportunity to interact. Through games and movements, children of all ages can develop tools to manage their bodies, whether it be to control or to let loose, they are always learning two important concepts, respect, and empathy.

Lastly, BJJ and Krav Maga can give children the tools to identify and acknowledge the mistreatment of themselves or another person. At Coronado Defence Club children will learn to identify dangerous situations, how to react, how to ask for help, or defend themselves in a life or death situation.

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