Carnival 2020 in Panama

2020 Carnival celebrations in Panama begin Friday February 21st and continue until Wednesday the 26th. Carnival is a busy time in Coronado and throughout the Pacific Beaches. Friday 21st Febr

Expect the rush to begin starting Thursday February 20th and continue over the weekend and into the following week. While work does not end until mid-day Saturday, many will take a long weekend to beat the rush. Monday February 24th and Wednesday February 26th are holidays so government offices, banks, and many private businesses will be closed. 

While the largest Carnival party in Panama takes place in Las Tablas, Panama, carnival celebrations occur all over the country. 

Carnival 2020 in Las Tablas 

Friday February 21st : Coronation of the queen followed by outdoor dancing (evening and night).
Saturday February 22nd until Tuesday 25th February: water trucks daily, parades with dancing groups and brass bands followed by fireworks!
Wednesday February 26th February: closing ceremony. 

Carnival 2020 in Panama City 

Saturday February 22nd - Tuesday February 25th: Carnaval Parades in Panama City.
The parades takes place on the Cinta Costera, which connects the historic center of Casco Viejo to the city. The parades travels between Avenida 3 de Noviembre, and Calle 33 Este and looping anti-clockwise. Note: There are Security checkpoints in the Panama City carnival areas. Men and women are split in two lines and you will need to precent ID (cedula or a copy of a foreign passport). 

Carnival 2020 at the Coronado Luxury Club & Suites 

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