Practice Qigong and Gentle Yoga in Coronado

Qigong is a traditional Chinese martial art with a focus in body awareness. Sometimes referred to as moving meditation, Qigong can be a great additional to healthy aging practices.

September 27th from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. learn the art of Qigong along with Gentle Yoga in Coronado Panama. The class is held at Lift Studio with Brenda, a certified yoga teacher and Qigong instructor. Brenda lives in Panama City, where she gives classes and leads workshops, offering occasional classes out at the beach. The  Sept. 27th workshop is just $25 and provides a tonne of information that can you can incorporate into your daily routines. For more information contact Brenda at

Is Qigong right for you? 

The Coronado, Panama Qigong and Gentle Yoga class is designed to fit the needs those with concerns related to aging. This means if you are 40+ and want to continue to cultivate your physical, mental and emotional health this class is for you! Through gentle yoga practices and Qigong (Chinese Yoga) these monthly theme-based classes will work to improve your flexibility, strength, balance and agility. Each class will address a different concern related to aging. 

Topics include: Improving strength, flexibility, balance and agility as we age as well as strengthening the lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems.   

Lift Studio Coronado  

Sept. 27 - 10:30 to 12:30

Investment in your health - $25 

Contact -