An environmental plan for the bay of Chame

As part of an environmental planning initiative The Ministry of Environment spoke with citizens in the Chame district about ways to minimize human impact on protected areas in the district.

The initiative, executed jointly with the Municipality of Chame, seeks to create laws that will work ensure greater protections of the areas environmental resources including the mangroves located in the bay of Chame.

The protected area of ​​mangroves of the Bay of Chame, which is composed of 8,899 hectares and has been protected since 2009.  It is one of the most valuable mangrove reserves on the Pacific cost of Panama. And while it is protected, human impact is still degrading the area rapidly. 

According to the Ministry of Environment, the study that is currently taking place positions that the Chame district is a top tourist attractions in West Panama, on route to the "beach corridor".

The "beach corridor" is a road project that is bring carried out by the Ministry of Public Works in an effort to improve the infrastructure on the highway from La Chorrera to San Carlos.

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