The Beach Corridor

The Beach Corridor is a road project in its developmental stage spanning from Chorrera to San Carlos, that will create a viaduct at the Coronado intersection for people leaving the beach.

While the project is in its infancy, as property is still being acquired to facilitate the extension, plans for the project continue to move forward with the extension, but also for rehabilitation. The plan for six lanes of the Pan-American Highway, that will be divided into two sections, will likely take a long time to complete, however, it aims to ease traffic that has become almost impossible to navigate. 

With the plan also including the rehabilitation of bridges and the construction of viaducts, we anticipate the benefits of the beach corridor will only be seen after the difficulties of several construction periods are over. 

The Beach Corridor will be constructed in stages with the first section a 32.65 kilometer run from La Chorrera to Santa Cruz, and the second a 21.80 kilometers long and connecting Santa Cruz with San Carlos

The project includes a total of about 54 kilometers in extensions and rehabilitations.