Ambulance service at the beach

The Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) is seeking residents of Coronado and Gorgona who would be interested in having a SEMM ambulance service at the beach.

CASA spoke with representatives of SEMM Emergency Medical Services who are looking at establishing themselves in the beaches area earlier this month about offering their services in Coronado and Gorgona. Now, the company with more than 25 years operating in Panama, is seeking information from residents to see if there is enough of a demand for their services. 

Is an ambulance service something you would like to see at the beach? Help us let SEMM know by filling out a pre application here

"The idea is to have an ambulance and paramedics stationed in Coronado at all times, to be available to bring you to the hospital but also to have a medical staff on site who could take care of non emergency situations directly in your home, basically taking the clinic to you!" Says Louise of CASA. 

If you have friends or know someone that could benefit from this service in the area, please send them a copy of this article so that they can help achieve the membership required to proceed with this program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CASA -