Help Spay The Strays!

Dedicated volunteers and money are needed to keep the spay and neuter clinics open.

For the last decade, a volunteer organization called Spay The Stays has quietly held low-cost spay and neuter clinic in the Pacific beach neighborhoods. In conjunction with other Spay and neuter initiatives in Panama, their efforts have made a noticeable dent in the population of stray dogs and cats in the area. The clinics have also helped low-income to no-income families take care of animals who look to them for support. 

The job done by the Spay The Strays takes a organization, resources and effort. Recently, John July, the President of Spay The Stays put out a call for help. Dedicated volunteers and money are needed to keep the clinics going. 

Please read and respond to the following notice. Contact information is at the end of the notice.

Help wanted ...

Good morning to my Pacific Beaches neighbors and friends,

For 10+ years, Spay the Strays (STS) Panama has been a part of the solution to the suffering of unwanted cats and dogs with its spay and neuter clinics. STS’s goals are to provide low-cost spay and neuter services to those who cannot afford the services of a veterinarian, and provide those services for the strays that wander our streets and beaches.

Today, I see an opportunity to take Spay the Strays to a higher level of sustainability and further develop our long-range goals. We, the STS Leadership team, are reaching out to you for support as we evolve and grow.

There are two topics affecting STS’s continued success and future growth are a need for more volunteers and a strong, committed veterinary team. We have suspended clinics until we have resolved the volunteer roster and veterinary team issues.


For the past few years our lead vet has been asking us to raise our rates. It has been our position to resist raising the rates so that people of modest means, in the beach communities and up in the mountains, can still afford this solution to the overpopulation of animals.

The request to increase our fee structure to match the fee structures of other small clinics became a hot topic following the past two clinics. The suggestion was made that without a change to our fees, the vets might not participate at STS clinics. Given the uncertainty of vet participation, I made the decision to postpone clinics until vet commitment is achieved.


Providing a low-cost service is our contribution to our community. STS pays the professional veterinarians and has to purchase all the necessary supplies. We are fortunate to have received sufficient donations to-date but our costs are projected to rise. Donations of money and supplies will be more important than ever.


In order to sustain Spay the Strays, we need you - volunteers. There are many positions available both on the clinic floor and behind the scenes. Following is a brief list - for more details please see our website and Facebook page.


· Registration (Bi-lingual)

· Line Organizer - ensure clients are organized and in order; supplying marking collars to owners.

· Pre-op - shaving animals

· Taxi - must be able to lift 40 pounds. 

· Vet assistant 

· Instrument cleaner and instrument taxi

· Post-op (requires giving intramuscular and sub-cutaneous shots)

· Recovery (interaction with the animals)


There are a number of possible behind-the-scenes positions with different time commitments and skillsets. It is possible to have more than one role if a person is interested. Examples of behind the scenes positions are:

Secretary Purchasing lead Inventory control Social media coordinator 

Donation administrator Fundraising director Training director

Public relations Bilingual veterinarian coordinator

Equipment & medical supply coordinator 

Writer & editor for website Assistant liaison to Panamanian Representantes


This supervisory role provides guidance and support to team members during the clinic.


With our goal to grow Spay the Strays, it makes sense to run it like a business and have a dedicated management team to oversee the administrative and business work of STS.


Thank you so very much!!! You have had enough interest to keep reading up to this point. I think you will agree that the work that has been done by Spay the Strays and similar groups has made a positive impact to the stray population and has helped our Panamanian neighbors who were unable to control the animal population in their villages.

Our work is not done. As long as there are two strays remaining the population will continue to grow.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you soon and confirming your participation at a clinic in the near future. Please contact us at / / FB.