December 20th - CASA Kings’ Day  Fundraiser at Picasso

On Wednesday evening, December 20th, after happy hour, CASA member and loved musician, Bobby Henderson, will be entertaining us at Picasso in Coronado in an effort to help raise funds for the food baskets that CASA distributes on Kings’ day.

The Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) will be hosting a charity event on Sunday, January 7th in San Carlos.   The annual event has been taking place for almost a decade and is in coordination with San Carlos resident, Maribel Gonzoles.

This year Finca La Maya is collecting  money for an event for a Kings’ day as well, however this event is organized by H.R. Vicente Martinez of the local San Carlos government.  Note that this a different event than the one co-hosted by CASA which is being held on Sunday, January 7th.

The CASA event will be attended by families with limited income and have handicapped children.  Many of the same families are back every year while new ones join in. This yearly event is part of the soul of CASA, president of CASA Louise explains. “We are proud and privileged to be part of it.”

CASA is raising  funds, with the help of wonderful individuals and donors, to buy 80 food baskets valued at approx. $25 ea.  Each basket is filled with non perishable goods such as rice, oil, tuna, canned ham, etc.   A small gift for the children is also included.  This year a small will be included keepsake the picture taken of the child which is printed on site. Moms and kids faces light up when they see their faces printed on paper . CASA also brings balloons, candy and everyone gets crowned for the day.  These crowns are made of foam board and decorated by CASA elves! Not one is left on the ground upon leaving!

Join and help CASA in this celebration in San Carlos on Sunday January 7th. It will be a memorable day for all!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Louise at