Put Your Business on the Map with Playa Community

Have you ever tried to give or receive directions in Panama? Did it sound something like, “turn left when you get to the big tree” or “make a right with you reach the Y in the road”?

With limited addresses and street names that few people can remember, finding a service, shop or landmark in Panama can be difficult. Here at Playa Community we’ve been working on a solution. The Coronado & Surrounding Areas Map is putting businesses and places of interest on the map. And when we say map, we don’t mean two lines that we’ve drawn on a page, we mean a real map!

The Coronado & Surrounding Areas Map is a new feature on PlayaCommunity.com that works with google maps connecting beach residents and visitors with the services, shops and landmarks they seek. While the map focuses on businesses located in Coronado and the surrounding communities, it offers businesses from all over Panama the opportunity to be found by the 40,000+ visitors Playa Community receives monthly.

The Coronado & Surrounding Areas Map interacts with our Business Directory offering even more information on locations. So if you are looking for the hours of a restaurant, number for a handyman or day trip to take with your visiting family, the map can lead you to the answers in our new and improved business directory.

If you are business looking to reach more people, put your business on the Coronado & Surrounding areas Map today! Take advantage of our introductory pricing through the months of January & February, and put your business on the map for just $48.00 for the year, a savings of 40% ($80 Reg.).

Contact our sales team to put your business on the map HERE.