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Our readers will be happy to find we’re still dedicated to providing up-to-date and honest information on the Coronado area that goes beyond the basic “Panama sales pitch”. Our stories are written by expats and locals who have lived in the area for over a decade, or all of their lives. Our articles define our times and unique home here in panama, offering you an off the beaten path perspective that you will not find anywhere else.  

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Whether your a surfer, beach walker or planning an event at the beach, this section is for you. We free tide tables to help play your day or stay at the beach. Every year we buy verified tides that you can have confidence in, we’ll never leave you stranded!

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Our business directory connects readers with 5000+ businesses in the beach community. Have a beach business? Basic business listings are free for everyone! We are offering the community an overview of your product or service, phone number and location. Premium listings are just $50, these include photos, a link to your website and as much info as you wish to publish on your service or product. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, send us a message and we will help you find the product or service you are looking for.

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Just ask our users, the classified section is the best place to find used vehicles, furniture and appliances or to sell items in the beach community. The classifieds are free for personal use, and business can use them for a small fee of $5.00 per listing. Over the years this section has also become a place to post public announcements. Our users have found homes for stray animals they have taken in, donations for charitable causes and community support here.

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The Playa Community Real Estate section allows sellers to work directly with buyers and vice-versa. Highlight your property for a one time fee of $28.50 for 3 months of qualified leads that go directly to your inbox from our website. Looking to highlight multiple properties? We offer great discounts for multiple listings.

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