Police Volunteering with Spay the Strays

Today Dr. Alexis, special police and police dog veterinarian, was one of two acting vets at the Spay the Stays clinic in Las Lajas. Dr. Alexis was accompanied by Eliecer, fellow police officer and soon to be vet technician. Eliecer was at the clinic today learning how to care for the k9 (dog) unit he works with daily. Dr. Alexis was teaching him to give treatment beyond the basic shots and stiches he already knew how to administer. By learning more about the dogs he works with and how to treat them, Eliecer will be better able to provide care in the field when it is necessary. Dr. Alexis aims to provide training for 13 more police officers that work directly with k9 units. Once officers like Eliecer gain the knowledge they need to become vet technicians they will need to complete mandatory volunteer hours. Dr. Alexis explained  “the officers gaining the knowledge must pay it forward, they can do this by volunteering at clinics like Spay the Strays”.

Dr. Alexis told us that he had recently seen a change in the philosophy aroundk9 units. When dogs are not needed for reproduction, they are almost always neutered or spayed. “This helps create a better working environment,” said Dr. Alexis, “since female dogs in heat are often a distraction.”

Police dogs retire after 5 years of service, so there are many retired police dogs who need homes. Dr. Alexis told us, "of over 50 police dogs ready to retire, 5 have found homes with police officers and another dozen have been taken on by a security company." These dogs are well trained and make great companions and guard dogs. 

Spay the Strays (STS) is a Panamanian non-profit organization. They are dedicated to reducing the stray dog and cat populations in the beach and mountain neighborhoods along the Pacific coast of Panama. The volunteer run group has been working in conjunction with Spay Panama Since 2007, and has sterilized more than 3,000 animals. Read more about Spay the Strays Click Here.

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