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    Good Morning,

    My name’s Laurie and I’m a Reiki professional.

    What is Reiki?

    Reiki is a technique of channeling and transmitting vital energy through the imposition of hands, which is used to obtain peace and balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. That is: harmonize and balance the chakras of your body.

    How does Distance Healing or Distance Reiki work?

    Reiki at a distance is very similar to Reiki in person, it acts on the aura and chakras, and also helps to remove energy blockages or imbalances at different levels. A distance healing is carried out when the person who requests it, for various reasons, either for health or for not being able to move, is not present with a healer.

    What if it works? What do you think? Yes! Distance Reiki is one of the therapies that does work without having to be present. It is important to remember that we are all more than a physical body, everything is energy, even matter. Energy floods everything and we are connected to each other through different energy fields.

    Reiki can be used for:

    Release repressed emotions.
    Increase our energy level, providing us with physical and mental vitality.
    It causes a very pleasant state of relaxation, reducing or eliminating anxiety.
    Relieve physical, mental, emotional or spiritual suffering.
    Helps to eliminate daily stress.
    Relieve migraines, depression, menstrual cramps and constipation.
    Helps cleanse the body and mind of toxins.
    Facilitates sleep.
    With this method we help our body to be healthier, thinking more calmly and increase our vital energy.

    Reiki Sesión: +50764007211