New Stores Come to Coronado

  Over the last few months, residents and visitors in the Coronado area have know about the opening of new commercial developments in the area. We have been busy speculating and sharing rumors about which stores are coming. Finally we have some confirmation.This month’s Coroclub magazine, depicted an artist’s rendition of Coronado Mall and The Village, with a list of stores that are confirmed to open.



The Coronado Mall
which will be across the street from El Rey on the beach side of the highway has confirmed the following businesses:

- Trade
- Dental Clinic
- Froots
- Javella S.A. (uniforms)
- Mc Donalds
- Optima
- Business Center
- Super 99
- Tango Grill







The Village
, will open directly across the highway from El Rey, has confirmed the following businesses:

- Trade
- Deli Gourmet
- Don Lee
- KFC/Pizza Hut
- Los Años Locos
- El Machetazo
- Multibank
- Organics
- Sprint
- Sushi Itto
- Valentino (Momi)

As we look forward to opening dates,  Playacommunity will continue to let you know about developments as we get confirmations.