IMMIGRATION-Exit Requirements For U.S. Minors - Panama

“The following information has been collected by The Coronado Social Association. It is provided here for information purposes only and to assist you in inquiries to your legal representative or the appropriate governing agencies.”        As of August 26, 2008, Panamanian Immigration Authorities are requesting parental consent (in Spanish) and other documentation for minors traveling outside Panama.  These documents should be presented at any exit port, either by air, land or sea.   This new requirement applies to minors who are nationals or residents of Panama, not foreigners.  Minors holding dual citizenship (Panamanian-U.S. citizens) are considered nationals for the purpose of this requirement.  Requirements follow:    


  1. Minors traveling with both parents:  Copy of Birth Certificate.
  2. Minors traveling with one of their parents:  Copy of Birth Certificate and notarized consent authorization (in Spanish) from the non-traveling parent. If the consent is issued in the United States, it must bear the Apostille stamp or the authentication of a Panamanian Consul.  Faxed consents are accepted.
  3. Minors traveling with others- aunt, uncle, teachers, chaperones who are not their parents:  Copy of birth certificate, notarized consent (in Spanish) from both parents authorizing the travel with that third person or custody decree.  If the consent is issued in the United States, it must bear the Apostille stamp or the authentication of a Panamanian Consul.  Faxed consents are accepted.
  4. If one of parents is deceased, the parent who assumes custody should submit death certificate as well as the custody decree.
    International Child Abduction:
    In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments have initiated procedures at entry/exit points.  These often include requiring documentary evidence of relationship and permission for the child's travel from the parent(s) or legal guardian not present.  Having such documentation on hand, even if not required, may facilitate entry/departure.

For further information contact: United States Embassy Panama, CONSULAR SECTION, CONSULAR INFORMATION SHEETS, EMAIL:  American Citizen Services, Tel:  (507) 207-7030 / Fax: (507) 207-7303.



Note the following information concerning the recent change to the Panama Immigration Law

Article 264 of the Executive Decree No. 320 of August 8, 2008 has abolished the requirement for foreigners who are residents of Panama to obtain a Multiple Entry Permit in their passports. This applies to:


1. Those persons who currently have a Panamanian cedula
2. Those persons who have a Provisional Residence Permit for one year
3. Those persons who have a Temporary Permit for one or two years and
4. Those persons who have a carnet as pensioned retirees ('jubilados pensionados').
When entering Panama at the airport immigration authorities will honor the cedula or respective carnet. The only persons that will still require the entry/exit permit will be those who are initiating their residence status and have a carnet valid for three months. The cost in that case is $50.00.