Bahia Serena New Coronado Road Project - Update

This article is based on an announcement email sent by Arq. Carlos A. Clement and has been translated into English by Kathy Bishop.   It is a huge pleasure top announce the following facts: This week a contract will be signed with the Corporation of Associate Engineers, S.A. CODINASA, for the sum of USD$1,326,436.00 (one million, three hundred twenty six thousand, four hundred thirty six dollars).   This includes the construction of the roadway in front of Bahia Serena, with a length of 2.6 K.M., and built of asphalt, 6.2 m wide.  More open drainage ditches for collection of rainwater, two parallel lines of drinkable water of 3 inches in diameter on both sides of the roadway.  There will be sidewalks of 1.5 meters wide on both sides of the street, with a border of Bermuda grass, palm trees and entryways to the different properties that have paid for this project.

The remaining balance will be used to pay the professional inspectors who will be examining the work.

The work will begin on Monday, the 6th of October of the present year.

Following the recommendations of the construction company, the first phase will consist of the laying of the pipes for drinkable water on both sides of the route, along with the respective hydrants and valves since the current one, made of asbestos cement, is collapsing and in addition to making the huge hollows, the water is limited and potentially contaminated in this sector.  Parallel ditches will be constructed to gather the rainwater and drain into the ocean and allow for the driveways to the different properties. 

The second stage will be establishing the roadway and paving the road.  The sidewalks will be constructed as the last stage and end with the laying of the Bermuda grass.

According to the contract, the work will be delivered 7 months after signing the contract.

We are grateful to the persons who have contributed 50% of their respective charges. 

Before closing, I want to repeat that I have gratitude for all the contributions, and thanks to you we are going to be able to improve our properties.

Arq. Carlos A. Clement



 This is an English translation, to the best of my ability, of the Spanish report that was sent today from Arq. Carlos Clement.  Thank you for your patience. Kathie Bishop, Sec. Torre 200