Are you susceptible to insect bites?

mosquito_no.jpgIf you are like me and are susceptible to insect bites, time in Panama can be an itchy situation doused in insect repellant. Insects love to feast on my flesh. Recently a couple of infected bites drove me to the doctor’s office for a prescription of antibiotics. It motivated me to research natural remedies for reducing insect bites. Here is what I found out:

-    Taking B vitamins, like B-12 or B-complex can help keep bugs away from you.
-    Lavender and rosemary essential oils also prevent bugs from getting close.
-    Witch hazel gel reduces itching right away.
-    Chamomile creams also help to reduce itching.
-    If you are stung, putting toothpaste on the bite helps take the stinging out.
-    If you are covered in insect bites, a cold bath with oatmeal is very soothing. Oatmeal is also good if you have a rash or sunburn.
-    If you react badly to any sort of bite, take antihistamines before you go away - good advice for the traveller.
-    If abnormal swelling occurs, or you experience flu-like symptoms, or soreness turns into aches and pains, see a doctor right away.