Panamapacific - A New Yahoo Group Joins the Party

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 If you are new to Panama, you have probably signed up to one or more of the many yahoo groups that exist around the topic of Panama. These emailing groups are generally interest based social circles that connect people with the latest talk. Yahoo groups is where a newcomer can find out who is hot and who is not and get information to help accomplish the mountainous task of establishing a home in Panama. The groups are also a way to get announcements, offers and find out where the next expat party is happening.   The newest of these groups is called panamapacific, recently created by Sarah Booth of Panama Holiday Homes. Sarah recognizes the need for information exchange here in Panama’s Pacific beach area.   “I sometimes have cancellations in my rental property pool that I offer at reduced prices. My properties are in Panama City and people from the beach and mountain area, enjoy taking in dinner and a show in the city, but don’t have places to stay. This group is a way of getting last minute information out to people who want it.”


Sarah also hopes people will use the group as a way of exchanging trades with each other and for distributing information about the area. She invites residents of the Panama’s Pacific Beach area to join and start talking.


Sarah’s group will be joining the ranks of other English speaking Yahoo groups centered around Panama. Here are some of the most popular:


altosdelmariaresidents is a group for people with an interest in the residential community of Altos del Maria, located on the mountain side on the Pacific coast of Panama.


americans_in_panama, while centered around Americans, does not reject English speakers from other countries.


In GardeninginPanama you can pick up or share tips and tricks about growing plants in Panama’s tropical environment.


PanamaExpatParty lets you know where all the latest expat gatherings are.


Young_Expats_in_Panama is where you can hook up with a younger crowd. More recently you will find the breakaway Young Expat Yahoo group at Young_Expats_in_Panama_Free_Speech who are protesting the owner of the origional group for being too old and posting too many advertisements. 


PanamaUnclassifiedAds welcomes posters of buy and sell ads.


viviendo_en_panama and panamaforum are two of the oldest forums around. Both started in 2001. If you are looking to find out the latest controversial topic in the talk circuits, these are the boards to read. Witty and heated debates often fly through the postings and you can be guaranteed of silently taking sides, even while you prefer to remain neutral.


If you are interested in connecting, join one of the yahoo groups. You can monitor the emails before posting anything, and if you don't find a group that strikes your interest, like Sarah Booth, you can take the initiative and start your own.